Partners worked together to create a bank of ready-to-use C-MAPs to help coaches to address common workplace issues. Based on the C-MAP methodology and template in IO1, partners identified twelve common coaching topics before creating coaching questions to help coaching when using a C-MAP to address them.

The C-MAPs cover a variety of topics:

  • Managing the performance of a team member working from home
  • Managing employees with cultural and language differences
  • Managing employees with time management issues
  • Receiving and acting upon feedback from others
  • Managing a team member who consistently under performs
  • Addressing a personal or sensitive problem with a team member
  • Managing an outstanding team member with limited opportunity for further growth within the company
  • Giving feedback to others
  • Managing a team member who is challenged by the digital transformation
  • Managing a workplace conflict between team members
  • Managing a team member with a poor attitude
  • Managing an employee who issues commands to co-workers that are not under their supervision, generating recurrent conflicts

The C-MAPs were tested during the C1 Train the Trainer event, providing valuable input to improve them even more. Certain C-MAPs will also be tested during the IO1 piloting which is currently running in parallel in partner countries, providing yet more feedback so that we can share a truly tried and tested set of C-MAPs as an outcome of the project.