Lead by Exponential Training, the Erasmus+ partners created a new coaching methodology and training programme – the CMAP Model. The aim was to develop a simple, but powerful tool to enable managers to deliver high impact coaching sessions to help team members to improve their performance.

The team researched the concept of ‘high performance work practices’ (HPWPs) and used these to create a set of twelve pre-prepared CMAP on different issues. Using the well known ‘GROW’ Coaching Model, partners create the CMAP coach template setting out the steps involved in delivering impactful coaching sessions.

To equip managers with the skills and competences to be able to design and deliver CMAP coaching sessions, Exponential Training also developed a new curriculum and training course. Using the ECVET model, the curriculum was prepared with a set of Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria and developed into a set of three learning modules:

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Coaching Practice
  • High Performance Work Practices

The next step of the project was the delivery of a series of pilot tests. Having developed the course, Exponential delivered its pilot first. It involved thirteen participants from a range of employment backgrounds. One participant was a young cosplayer who used C-MAP to improve the way she presents her makeover and costume transformations in her Vlogcasts said:

“The C-MAP Model and training courses was very helpful and gave me pointers and ideas on how to plan my on-line coaching sessions. It made me appreciate how much thought I need to give to it before turning on my webcam. I now have a better idea of things I need to think about and develop such as the content and the steps to use when breaking down how to make a costume”.

As each of the CMAP partners complete their pilots, they will each prepare several case studies showcasing how participants used CMAP. To read the case studies click here.